Pet-Tique was born of the idea to offer fun, functional, and fashionable necessities with unique gifts for pet owners who wished to spoil their furry, four legged friends as the family members they are. Of course we had to do all this without our customers having to take out a second mortgage on the house. Finding unique gifts, toys, clothes, dishes, collars, bags, and beds was only a small piece for us. Providing wholesome, healthy dog and cat, treat and food lines that provide a longer, healthier life for our furry companions was a must. Finally, supporting pet friendly charities and organizations while championing pet adoptions is what gave heart to Pet-Tique, the boutique for your pet.

After having pets, both cats and dogs, as part of their lives since childhood they fell in love with three pugs, Emma and Chloe the fauns, and Abigail their black pug. While on vacation in large destination cities with thoughts of the pugs ever present, Kevin began noticing these quaint little dog and cat boutiques offering unique, whimsical, items from gifts to collars that you could never find in the big pet store chains. That’s when Kevin created the idea of Pet-Tique.

Several years later with the help of his sister, Pet-Tique was opened in the small artisan neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland, OH. The store was only 300 square feet and within a year Pet-Tique had outgrown the storefront. When they moved to the west side neighborhood of Cleveland to a store three times the size, Lawrence left Ritz-Carlton hotels to work the store full time and together with Kevin and the three pugs nurture their dream. Shortly after Abigail passed away, Nemo their current black pug and store greeter, found his way into their lives after a stint in two other homes and a pound. Their support and promotion of pet adoptions was confirmed by this loyal, loving creature who every day greets their customers and then escorts them to the door upon their departure. Their store welcomes cats and dogs allowing them to try on all the wears to ensure a great fit usually to the cheers of their owners and other shoppers. Nemo, loving his new home asks them to host Yappy Hours, sponsor pet fashion shows and support local adoption fairs whenever they can to support local adoption agencies and pet affiliated charities thus giving other dogs and cats like himself the same chance at a loving home. They hope you will enjoy shopping on their site and hope that if you’re ever in Cleveland that you will stop in and visit Nemo, Chloe, Emma and Roo as they do love company. Kevin and Lawrence would love to meet you as well, but know where they stand when the pugs are involved.

Nemo even helped foster several dogs needing new homes. One day Lawrence and Kevin brought Roo to the store. She and her brother had been left on the front porch of a member of the Ohio Pug Rescue. It was the middle of February and the two three month old pugs were left without any collars, tags, shelter or clothing to protect them from the elements. Lawrence and Kevin agreed to foster her. It was love at first sight! Nemo, who was never the sort to frolic or play with any puppy, actually started to take care for her. Roo actually got Nemo to play occasionally so the 4th member of the pug family had arrived. Roo, the cute face with the precocious personality is now the new director of activities at Pet-Tique. She leads various exercise activities with any dog or cat that comes into the store. Nemo, watches from the side lines ensuring that no one gets out of line or too “ruff” so as not to disrupt the shopping experience of the patrons.